Body-e Crackle™

Advanced Cellulite Technology

The MOST Advanced Anti-Cellulite Solution brought to you with the Patented Crackle™ Technology.

BodyeCrackle™ is a revolutionary mousse that assists in improving the appearance of Cellulite and the ‘orange peel’ effect, using the innovative Crackle™ Technology.

The effective synergy of 12 active ingredients, combined with the patented Crackle™ Technology provides rapid and deep penetration of the product, guaranteeing maximum effectiveness.

What makes Body-e Crackle™ unique?

The patented Crackle™ Technology!!!

With gentle pressure and massage, micro-explosions within the mousse, activate and drive the active ingredients into the tissues, resulting in superior absorption and hence results.

With cellulite, there is generally no actual cure – ongoing maintenance, usually with a combination of ‘in house’ treatments and at home product, is necessary.

The Benefits of Body-e Crackle™

Active ingredients and 5 main Benefits:

  • Activation and Improvement of MicroCirculation – Capsaicin
  • Decongestion of tissues – Ivy, Birch, Asiatic Centella
  • Antioxidant action – Green Tea
  • Hydrating and soothing action – Aloe
  • Metabolic stimulation of tissues locally

Other benefits include:

  • Patented Crackle™ Technology
  • Clinically proven efficacy
  • Synthesis of 12 active ingredients
  • Immediate absorption
  • Innovative formulation (mousse)

Recommended for:

  • Reduction of skin’s blemishes caused by cellulite
  • Effective action against “orange peel” appearance
  • Reduction of skin’s imperfection towards a better-looking appearance
  • Efficient, enhanced action of the active ingredients within the first minutes of application
  • Effective contribution in thighs and knees thinning
  • Increase in skin’s temperature and microcirculation
  • Improvement of subcutaneous blood perfusion in the areas where product has been applied

How does the Crackle™ Technology work?

The striking implementation and action of Body-e Crackle™, comes from “micro bursts” caused when it is applied on the skin. This is due to the sudden decrease in pressure causing reflux in the rich in active ingredients’ mousse.

The active stimulation of the mousse increase and this through the massage effect, the efficient absorption is achieved.

The image shows the reaction of the epidermis through a thermodiagram 10 minutes after the product’s application. The three areas are showing an increase in temperature, when in reality, the blue and violet areas are greater than 10 minutes after the usage of the foam with Crackle™ Technology. This rapid increase in temperature indicates that Crackle™ Technology ensures faster absorption in the applied area compared to liquid gel or regular mousse.

The results show that the Crackle™ Technology in form of a mousse contributes to the efficient enhancement action of the active ingredients on the skin within the first minutes of the application of the product.

In general, using products to treat “orange peel’ skin blemishes caused by cellulite, the massaging action never exceeds 2-3 minutes – time which is not sufficient to trigger the active ingredients to be effective. Thanks to Crackle™ Technology that highlights all the abilities of the mousse within the first 5 minutes, this simple problem is solved in a truly effective way, yet still preserves the genuiness of a natural product.